Adoption Costs

Everything you need to know about adoption costs.

Adoption Costs


For most people, a marriage without children feels empty at best, sometimes. Yet, not all families are blessed with the “patter of little feet”. This may be due to biological constraints, health issues, special circumstances or personal preferences. Many such individuals then decide to adopt a child to fill that special place within their family. However, one factor that prospective parents who wish to adopt a child of their own, need to bear in mind, are the adoption costs.

Various organizations/people facilitate the adoption of children, and adoption costs are largely based on the type of institute chosen. For instance, if you wish to adopt a child through the U.S foster care system, you will find that the associated adoption costs are affordable, as it is mainly a state run service, which in certain states is out-sourced to private companies. If opting to use this method of adoption, the parents-to-be will find that the adoption costs are mostly negligible, as it is supported by government funding, too.

Amongst the other popular options that many turn to when adopting, is step-parent or kinship adoption. The term “step-parent adoption” is for the most part self-explanatory, but for those who wish to reconfirm exactly what is meant by kinship adoption, it is where one family member is undergoing an unintended pregnancy and where another family member offers to adopt the afore-mentioned baby on her behalf. Many find both kinship adoption costs and step-parent adoption costs, to be exceedingly reasonable.

src="//"> However, at the other end of the spectrum are some private adoption agencies which levy a hefty fee for their services. The adoption costs in such instances can vary greatly from US$5,000 to US$40,000, depending on the services provided. International adoption costs too, carry a similar cost structure, give or take a few thousands! Such adoption costs are said to be required, in order to meet birth-mother expenses, state expenses and travel expenses, together with a fee levied by the agency for their efforts.

Prospective parents need not shy away from adoption, in fear of prohibitive costs. There are numerous services provided by the government to ease the financial burden of adoption, such as loans, tax benefits and employer benefits, to name but a few. Some agencies also offer a payment structure based on a sliding scale, for those who are financially challenged. Similarly, some agencies call for a low deposit, so as to meet the needs of families who are not wealthy.

A baby or a child is indeed a blessing to any family. Admittedly, adoption is a decision that needs to be carefully thought out, for the benefit of all parties concerned. Adoption costs too, merit attention, but this need not be a constraint to those who are genuinely interested, in adopting a child of their own.

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