Private Adoption

Everything you need to know about private adoption.

Private Adoption


If a family is willing to adopt a child from someone that they already have in mind rather than an adoption agency, it is known as private adoption. For instance a private adoption may be done so between an attorney, physician, friend or an adoption facilitator.

Private adoption is mainly handled by a family law attorney who is qualified in adoption matters. One has to keep in mind that resorting to private adoption would mean a prolonged and complex court case which might be extremely costly. The estimated price of a private adoption would range from 5000- 40000 US Dollars. The cost fluctuates as it varies from requirements in the state, birth mother expenses and sometimes even traveling expenses.

In the recent years there have been a growing number of resources in order to aid an adopting parent(s). Such as tax benefits, loans and employer benefits. If the adopting parent(s) are limited in their financial resources it is best to consult your attorney.

src="//"> One must be thorough with the laws of adopting even if it is a private adoption. It is likely that an adopting parent(s) might be jailed for kidnapping despite having righteous intentions. Adoption laws differ from one state to another. What may be permitted in the state of North Carolina may not be tolerable in California. However, certain adoption laws are common among most states.

A parent who is giving their own child for private adoption should be aware of the certain negative aspects of it. First and foremost the family, facilitator or the referral source and whoever is involved, is working for the benefit of the adopting family. Hence it is possible that one’s own rights are ignored. Resorting to private adoption would also mean that the adopting family would promise updates on the child such as pictures and videos but they might not follow through with the promise because your rights to the child will be finished without conditions, which would mean that you may have no way to enforce the family's promises, even if an agreement is in writing.

A private adoption is more often than not risky compared to a child adopting agency, even for the adopting parents. For instance the adopting family may cover the birth mother’s living and medical expenses only to have her change her mind after the baby is born. It is likely that the adopting parents will lose the money spent on the attorney as well as any other additional expenses.

Even in the case of a private adoption you will have to contact an adoption agency as most states in the US require an evaluation of you and your home. It is known as a Home study and it needs to be completed before you take custody of the child.

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